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Space Station Studios
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Mixed Media Exhibition and Party featuring original artwork inspired by actual tinder messages highlighting the rare hits and the abundant misses of online dating. 

Original artwork from Clark Duke (actor, Hot Tub Time Machine, “The Office”), Joe Cool (artist, Snoop Dogg's iconic Doggystyle album cover), Roselina Hung (artist, "Of Myth And Men"), Stacy Elaine Dacheux (artist, The Roundabout project), Mary Minahan (artist, Miss Nightmare Art), Lizzy Love (artist, Canada’s “Oddball Art”), Natalie Phillips (artist, “Endless Braid”), Hannah Beth Ragland (writer/artist, “Why Not” poetry), Jenna Levine (producer, "Warped Roadies", "Inkmasters"), Jasmine McAtee (producer, More Scenes from a Gay Marriage), Brianne McKay (actor, writer), and many more. Artist Shayneofthedead will also appear, hand painting a model live.

LOVE IS DEAD examines how we present ourselves through Tinder and the myriad of digital worlds like it. Is a lack of face-to-face connections and a sense of anonymity responsible for the downfall of romance? With apps making dating more efficient than ever, is it eroding our value of human connection? Reducing our expectations of each other?

This is an attempt to make something funny and beautiful out of the misery of the modern day quest to simply locate another human who finds your brand of weird more charming then alarming.

Treats from Larabar and VanLeeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. Tunes from DJ Moenay.

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"Dat ass, doe"


"I was never really insane except upon occasions

when my heart was touched"-Edgar Allan Poe

Endless thanks to the over 200 people who came through the show on Thursday! Thanks to Space Station Studios, all of the artists,event staff and press that made it so succesful. If you want to purchase a piece you saw, please let us know.

The best part is not just drawing a crowd but building a community of artists and interesting individuals-off line!


P.S. We are bringing the show to SAN FRANSISCO and NEW YORK in the coming weeks. If you want to participate, please reach out via email:



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